Informal Learning

Informal Education is one area of experience design that is ripe for experimentation and creative development. These venues have the capacity to reach across multiple generations, and to create family memories that build a lasting appreciation for learning and discovery.


Mission LEAP (Simiosys)

Mission LEAP was developed by Simiosys. All materials are copyright and are used with permission.

Mission LEAP is a museum exhibit set on a near-future lunar colony. The design emphasizes the dynamic ebb and flow between individual play, and cooperative group interaction. We created a full scale mock-up of the exhibit in order to play test different types of gameplay and social interaction.


Phydgital Interspaces (sIMIOSYS)

The Phydgital Interspace design was developed by Simiosys. All materials are copyright and are used with permission.

The Phydgital Interspace is a type of interactive kiosk that we prototyped based on our discoveries during the Mission LEAP experience. The Phydgital Interspace is a cooperative interactive station where 1-5 participants can play together in order to solve creative challenges in an informal learning environment. The word Phydgital means “physical” and “digital” and the word “Interspace” means the social space that lies in between the screen and the human participants. Our design invites people to use physical objects and interspace collaboration, in order to interact with each other and an interactive virtual world.


Story Troves Group

Story Troves (siMIOSYS)

The Story Troves project was developed by Simiosys with UCF Aphasia House. All materials are copyright and are used with permission.

We are currently working on an approach to interactive exploratory storytelling that we are calling Story Troves. Story Troves are authored boxes filled with a story that you explore by picking up, examining, and analyzing the objects found inside. The author of the box invites the audience to become co-creators in generating a plausible narrative based on the perceived relationships between the objects in the box. Story Troves come to life in a group environment, where participants actively collaborate in piecing together a story that they find engaging and interesting to imagine.

We are currently exploring applications within Aphasia Therapy as well as History Centers and other Informal Learning venues. One of our largest Troves focusing on Al Capone, was taken to the Mayo Clinic Aphasia camp for 50+ people to explore over a long weekend.