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As the Conductor of Narrative Chaos (or Creative Director) at Simiosys, I have worked on projects ranging from themed entertainment design and stage shows, to corporate training and informal learning centers.

As an independent artist, I create scenic projections for Phantasmagoria Orlando, and occasionally moonlight as an Art Director for interactive performance.


Interactive Performance

Interactive Performance is an exciting form of theatrical storytelling where the main character is played by a non-actor participant. I was privileged to join the production team for several Interactive Performance shows, dubbed “Simu-Lifes” or “Simulated-Life.”

Informal Learning

Informal Education is one area of experience design that is ripe for experimentation and creative development. These venues have the capacity to reach across multiple generations, and to create family memories that build a lasting appreciation for learning and discovery.

Special Events

As an events manager, I coordinated and produced the 2008 Interactive Performance Conference, and co-created the Storefront Innovation Playtank for Simiosys Real World Laboratories.


Video projection and media development for Phantasmagoria Orlando.