Entertainment Design

As an assistant show producer and creative designer for themed entertainment design, I have helped to develop the guest experience for museums, theme parks, and stage shows.

Most of my work involves casual entertainment and family engagement, including family centers, museums, and casual areas in theme parks. However, I have also provided research and design input for ride stories, stage shows, walk-through exhibits, and more.

Above Illustrations were created for a rock opera stage show. The drawings are by John Nadeau for Simiosys.com. I was an assistant show producer for this project, contributing to the overall design direction and concept development. 

My area of focus is the guest experience and creating opportunities for the audience to engage in fun and unique ways with the brand. I believe that we often underestimate the degree to which an audience can contribute in a creative way to an experience, and I am always looking for ways to incorporate adventure, storytelling, new media, and group interaction into the projects that I work on.

The vast majority of my work  in themed entertainment design is for simiosys.com.

Above examples are excerpts from concept design documents. All images copyright (c) Simiosys.com. Used with permission.