Special Events

Interactive Performance Conference


I was the conference coordinator for The Interactive Performance Conference in 2008. The 3-day event was designed to bring together people from academia and commercial companies exploring the core principles of interactive performance. The conference included workshops, keynote presentations, and experimental playtanks using the Interactive Performance Lab Storybox.

For more information on the Interactive Performance Lab, please visit Wirth Creative.


Storefront Innovation Playtanks

Storefront Innovation Playtank. Copyright Simiosys.com.

Storefront Innovation Playtank. Copyright Simiosys.com.

The Storefront Innovation Playtank is a micro-conference event that I helped to create while working at Simiosys: Real World Laboratories. The idea was to bring the lab to a storefront window, and invite the public to playtest an invention in the early stages of development, while there is still time for the creator to make changes and learn from the process of playtesting. The event included a core playtesting session, breakout workshops, and a panel discussion bringing industry experts to a public forum.

The Innovation Playtank event is owned by Simiosys. Images used with permission. For more information about Playtanks and Simiosys, please visit www.simiosys.com.